On 26th March 2010, St.David High school's scouts organized a camp call Usaha Camp. Altogether, there were 56 scouts members. I was a patrol leader (PL) in patrol 4, Tiong. I was unlucky because I was on patrol 4. The 4 mean dead.

  On the 1st day, some scouts went back to change and bring their item, while others stay at school because they brought their item with them. After I had my lunch, I quickly went back to school because I gotta reach at school before 1 p.m. After our volunteers came, we started walking to bamboos trees outside school.

  My 1st bad luck began when a bee was stung me on my neck. It was painful. Luckily the bee is not a poisonous bee. My group chopped bamboos for our next day’s backwoods cooking. After reaching at school, my bag was left at the canteen. I was wanted to take my bag, unfortunately the whistle blew and we had to gather at the basketball court.

  Our scout’s president, Sandra Ong, Committees, and Ex president, Tan Yee Ling were there. After found our tent partners, we built a tent on the field. Then, my bad luck began again when 2 of my group are good at talking bad word. They are Nigel Low, a king scout’s brother and Wee Zhen Wang, my friend’s brother.

  After built our tent, we had 1 hour 30 minutes to build our compound. We were asked to build 4 gadgets. They are dustbin, shoe rack, clothesline and table. My bad luck began another time when my compound partners didn’t know how to tie. End up, I had to tie the wood all my own.

  In the evening, we went to the canteen to learn our ‘ikatan’. Some of the ‘ikatan’ were had but others were easy.  After our ‘ikatan’ we went back to our campsite.
My patrol’s quartermasters went to get the food for our dinner. My bad luck came again went one of my patrol gas stove is unable to use because the gas can is not suitable for the stove. Then, my quartermasters came back with a few eggs and salad.
Some didn’t like egg and some didn’t like salad. Better eat shit.

(Maybe I miss some part at this paragraph.)
  After cook, we gathered and went to 3A1’s classroom. We learned how military soldiers sent their message to their base. After memorizing the code, we went to the field and tested our friends about the code. Then, we took our bath and our supper and went back to sleep.

  The second day, we gathered and did some warm up. After that, we jogged around the field. After that, we took our breakfast. Our breakfast is eggs and breads. We fried the eggs and put in the middle of the breads. After that, the helpers checked our belongings outside our field. The aim of this is to check if there is a lost item. After that, we gathered at 9.30 a.m. All patrol leaders came out the stage and took an angpau. There were gadgets’ pictures inside. My patrol and patrol 6 combined together to build a gadget called titi kommando.

  Some helpers helped us to build it. We built until 11.30 a.m. At 11.30 a.m., we had 1 hour to take our report card. The teacher complained me about my Chinese because my Chinese failed. The teacher also told my parents that I was good but playful.
  After that, we gathered again. We had time to make a hole at the middle of the bamboo to put rice inside it. Then, we went to a shady place near the scout house. We were doing backwoods cooking. Before we went there, 2 members of my patrol went to a banana tree to cut a banana leaf to make otak-otak, 2 members went to make the roti bakar, 5 members went to start the fire at the shady place, while I went to wash the rice and cook the rice.

  After washing the rice, I went to the shady place to find my patrol. One of the helper, Mark helped us to start the fire. We put eggs and potatoes into the fire. Each member took turn to fan and blow the fire. After the backwoods cooking, we gathered back but we gotta down 20 times because some patrol didn’t clean their place nicely. After that, we went to 3A1’s classroom again to learn one of the geography’s chapters, arah. We used a compass to know the direction.

  After that, we went to the basketball court to practice using a stick. My leg was pain. Then, we took our dinner. We could only eat chicken ham and curry chicken because we didn’t bring the rice cooker. After took our bath and dinner, we practice or drama. My bad lucky appeared again when all my members couldn’t memorize the drama. I was afraid that my drama would be the last. Our president say the worst drama must washed the toilet.

  After our turn to presented our drama, we tried our best to act. First, we sang a scout song then act. After that, we danced around the basketball court. We have a whale of time dancing and singing. After that, we went back to our campsite to sleep. We were almost to go marching for a few hours.

  At 2 a.m., we had our owling around the school. Some of them were scared. But others weren’t. I was the third one who reached at the finishing line in canteen. The owling took a long route then the last year one. After the owling, we took a rest in our campsite.

  On the last day, we gathered and did some warm up and jogged like yesterday.
Then, we took our breakfast. One of my members dislikes eating tuna. So she ate biscuits in her tent. After having our breakfast, we broke our camp and went untie our gadgets we done. After that, we cleaned our school. We had 20 minutes to practice our ‘ikatan’. My patrol went to 3A1’s classroom again to take the test. In the end, I got wrong 2 because I didn’t learn that ‘ikatan’. But I passed my exam.

  After our test, we gathered and received a packet of rice, chicken and vegetables for our lunch. The best patrol leader is Wee Yi Zhi from patrol 1. The best assistant patrol leader is Celine Tan from Patrol 2. The best drama we performed is patrol 3. But I didn’t know who is the best Boy and Girl Scout because I didn’t know them. Luckily, the worst drama is patrol 5. Phew, what a relief. I thought my patrol is the worst. Then, we took our thing and went home. Although we were tired, but we had a enjoyable time at there.

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