CSI Enemy Force IV ~Met Each~

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YEAR 2016
Victor: Looks we have back to school boys...
Lucas: Lol...hate school.
Victor/Las/Taqif: ...
Dev: Hey, Victor, Lucas. Taqif, Where have you been??
Victor: Camping...Haiz...miss CSI.
Dev: You three work at CSI police station??
Taqif: Yea.
Daryl: Nice...
Dev: Ah, Next week we gonna have a carnival at school field.
Victor: Great.Which team am I in?
Dev: Mine...
Lucas: Me too?
Daryl: Taqif and u also.
Taqif: Great.
Victor; You all have decided to bring what supply?
Daryl: We will gather at library tommorow.
Lucas: Looks we gonna there too.
Dev: Yea. Make sure you all there.
Other: Allrite.
At home
Victor: Looks tommorow got school...
Lucas: Boring...
Taqif: Hey! Good there's no exam.
Victor: Yalo.
Lucas: zZ...
Victor: Sleep now. Tommorow we gotta library after recess.
Other: Right.
Tommorow at library
After Discuss
Victor: Bring this thing, ok.
Dev: Remember guys bring your thing.
Other: Right!
2 days more to carnival
7:45 p.m.
Victor: Hey you guys.
lucas/Taqif: What the hell are we going?
victor: buy our thing.
Reach at supermarket
Victor: Damn should come earlier. Coz of u 2 la!!
Lucas/Taqif: Sorry...
Las: Don't blame them...
Victor; We got thing to buy, come.
Other: Right.In Supermarket
Daryl: You here guys?
Lucas: Yea.
Dev: Still remember what to buy?
Victor Yes.
Daryl: Who is he?
Las: I'm Las. Victor's CSI partner. He stop CSI Until school end.
Victor: ...No need your explaination.
Dev: Wau, Partner...
Taqif: Dev, You want to buy wad?
Dev: Ice cream scoop & soft drinks...OH, can i askyou something??
Victor: Yes?
Dev: Buy 7 bottle of Kikapoo.
Victor: No problem guys.
Outside supermarket
Victor:(hey, I think I met her before...)
Lucas: Victor, are dreaming?? Open This car!! 
Taqif: He probably thinking about his wife.
Victor: I will kill you Taqif.
Lucas: Be patient.
Victor: Haiz...
Reach at home
Victor: Go to sleep. Tommorow got school.
Taqif: Yea.
Lucas: Boring.
Tommorow after school
Dev: Remember, tommorow got carnival.
Everyone eccept dev and Victor: Right.
Dev: Ok. See tommorow.
Taqif: Victor, What are you dreaming? 
Victor: Nothing..
Taqif: Realy?
Victor; I say nothing la SHIT!
Taqif: Sorry.
Victor: Kill you ah!
Lucas: So, just tell us.
Victor: Shorn,Brian,Alex...
Lucas/Taqif: Them...
A girl pass by
Victor: (That girl...) 
Lucas: lol. Dreaming again...OI! OPEN THIS CAR!!
Victor: Sorry. Pressed carkey
At home  
Victor: Lucas, go to sleep. Tommorow got school la...
Lucas: Yea.
Tommorow at school
Dev: Carnival time...
While bussinessing
Ila: Huh, You...that guys save Matrix Shopping Centre.
Victor: Ila...
Ila: Can I buy drinks? 
Victor: Nah.
Ila: Thanks.
Douda: You still haven get Ivater and Asanis.
???: Sorry sir, i just received a message that Ivater at a school called St. David With his other friends.
Douda: Great. Prepare for ambush!
At carnival
Lucas: Victor, Looks we got company...
Victor: Sure we do.
Las: So how?
Douda: Creature of the Earth!! Especially Ivater and Asanis.
Victor: Looks he is calling me...
Taqif: Looks war has begin...
Lucas: Let's go boys.
Ivater: We got company...
Las: Let's attack!
Together: For CSI!
War begin!!
Asanis: Looks we meet again Ivater.
Ivater: Sir.
Las: We can't kill them... Out-numbered...
Ivater: Call them to hide!
???: Too bad...you are not gonna escape...
Ivater: CHI!
CHI: Still reconize me?
Vevater: Sure...
CHI: Then sleep dream guys...Sleeping gas release
Ivater: CHI...
Ivater awake
Ivater: Hate intruder...
CHI: Oh you awake??
Ivater: CHI!
Door open
Ivater: What the hell you saving me for?
CHI: I side with you...
Ivater: So...sorry CHI.
CHI: Your friend...
Ila: Ivater...
Ivater: Ila.
CHI: Your friend escaped and follow me.
Ivater: Thanks. Can you open the other door Ila?
Ila: But...
CHI: I open...
Ivater: Ok...
Ila: I heard they saying a thing called...
Ivater: CSI Enemy force.
Ila: Yea.
Ivater: I'm finding it too.
Ila: That door...
Asanis: Kill me!
Ivater: Sir!
Asanis: Urgh..
Ivater: Sir!!
Douda: Stupid.
Ivater: You will pay for it! Ila stand back! This will cause you injured!  Douda vs Ivater
Douda: You think you can kill me?
Ivater: Try.
Douda: Come! Brain Sap!
Ivater: You think that's pain?
Douda: Nightmare!!!
Ivater: Urgh.
Douda: It is a boring fight??
Ivater: Yea! so?
Douda: I end fast! Fiend GRIP!!
Ivater: Urgh....
Douda: Feel my feeling!!
Ivater: Too bad...You fight with the wrong person!!
Douda: What?
Ivater: Die!!! Last Blood!
Ila: Ivater!!
Ivater: Ila...
Ila: You are seriously injured...
Ivater: Never mind...
Ila: Ivater!!
At hospital
doctor: Thank god he's nothing.
Ivater: So, can I go back?
Doctor: Yeah.
At Graveyard
Ivater: Sir...
Vevater: He's gone..
Ivater: Eventhough, we will save this world to make this world peace!
End of CSI Enemy Force IV ~Met Each~

D???: You are so stupid...
Vevater: Who are you?
Las: Assasin Las. Can i join you all?
Wolf: Look the treasure hunting still continue.
Brian: Next destination?
Vevater: Spance Forest.
 Reach at Spance Forest
Las: A Spance Bettle, my fight!
Spance bettle vs Las
Las: Die! Twin Blast!
 Spance bettle eliminated
Las: Let's go.
Other: Right!
In Spance Forest
Man: Help...There's a...monster...at the top or the... communication......
Las: C'mon!
 At Communication Tower
Las: Another intruder?
Las: We!
 Zolt vs Las, Vevater, Wolf
Zolt: Tunder strike!
Las: You're too slow! Ultra blast!
Zolt: How'bout This!!!
Vevater: Huh, is that all?!
Wolf: Bladefury!
Zolt: Die Tunder Storm!!!
other: Damn!
Zolt: Die!
Las: die! Mega Sonic Wave Swarm!
Vevater: Dynamic shot!
Zolt: I'm too weak....Received Zolt
Vevater: I saw Ivater! Ivater!!
Las: Where's he heading?
Vevater: Rovan Lake...
 At Rovan Lake
Shadow: Recover!
Vevater: Who are you?
Shadow: Is he your friend?
Las: Yea...
Shadow: i found him at snowy mountain, he's okay. He will wake anytime.
Ivater: Urgh....
Vevater: Ivater!!!!!!!!
Ivater: So, you all survive...
Wolf: Yea.
Ivater: The map is still here....
Vevater: Nest destination...
Ivater: Train ride...
Shadow: Rest in my village for awile...Its on the way...
Other: ok.
 At Village
Shadow: Rage.
Rage: you got.... wait...i know you guys...
Ivater: Rage? Father?? Father!!
Rage: Ivater?? Vevater??? Las???? My Son!!
Ivater: Las is my brother?
Las: Yea... your twin......
Asanis: So, father and sons see each other...
Ivater: GO!
 Asanis vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf/Las
Asanis: Leviathan!
Leviathan: Ok, my job!
Ivater: Water GF?
Leviathan: SO?Scare??
Ivater:No, more better!! Blade slash!
Vevater: Spirit shot!
Wolf: Dragon Tail Slash!
Las: Bladefury!
Leviathan: Ultra splash!
Ivater: Not pain!
Leviathan: Sure?? Monster Tsunami!!!
Everyone: Urgh...
Ivater: Enough! Dynamic Swarm!!!
Leviathan: Too bad...i'm weak....Receive Leviathan
Ivater: sure you do...
Rage: What happen son?
Ivater: We had a treasure hunt a here...
Las: So, what is our next destination?
Rage: Train ride?
Ivater: Nice guessing...
 Reach at Train Ride
Ivater: What the hell...
Train Pilot: Sorry, there is a monster blocking the way...
Shorn: Lead us to the....urgh...
Other: Shorn!!
Diablos: No need, who want to fight with me?
Ivater: We!!
Diablos: Come!!
 Diablos vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf/Las
Ivater: I'll payback for my friend!
Diablos: Come! Demi!!
Ivater: Not pain at all! Dragon dive!
Diablos: Viper Swarm!
Vevater: Exia!
Diablos: Dragon Tail!
Wolf: Rihikker!
Diablos: Dark Tornado!
Las: Blade fury!
Diablos: Die!! Gravija!!!
Everyone: Urgh...
Ivater: Time to rise and shine! Blazing Storm!
Diablos: Too much sleep...Receive Diablos
Ivater: Can we go??
Train pilot: Ok...
Brian/Alex: Urgh....
Ivater: Damn!
 Reach at Under village
Twinjaws: Home sweet home!
Ivater: Damn! shield!
Twinjaws: Who are you?
Ivater: Nobody!!
 Twinjaws vs Ivater
Ivater: Looks i gona fry jaws.
Twinjaws: come!!
Ivater: Tundagas!!
Twinjaws: Huh, Is that all?
Ivater: damn...reflect...
Twinjaws: Die!! Mega wave!!
Ivater: Urgh..
Twinjaws: give up??
Ivater: No!
Twinjaws: Then die!! Ultra Wave!!
Ivater: Last chance...Seasoning Wave!!!
Twinjaws: damn...Receive Canbuncle
Ivater: Phew....
Vevater: You allrite?
Ivater: Yea...
Twinjaws: ...You won't....escape......self-destruct
Ivater: Wear ur oxygen tank now!
 At War
Asanis: Attack!!
Alexander: Advance!!
 war begin...
Ivater: Asanis there.
Alexander: Hey you! With side are you in?My or Asanis??
Ivater: Neither...
Alexander: sure?
Ivater: We swear.
Asanis: Ivater!!
Ivater: Asanis.. Stop This WAR!!!
Asanis: Fate me!!
 Asanis vs Ivater
Ivater: Come!!
Asanis: Headshoter!
Ivater: Not pain!
Asanis: Got company bye..
Ivater: Who are you?
D.lord: Dark lord!
Ivater: Hmm... Dark lord...
D.lord: Hey... Shadow is that you?
Shadow: So we meet again...
D.lord: Its been so long shadow...
Shadow: Yea...
Ivater: Shadow, your friend?
Shadow: Ya...Dark lord...
D.lord: Asanis is gonna pay...I will follow you until Asanis dead...
Alexander: I don't think that is Asanis...Douda...
Ivater: So...
D.lord: My brother??
Ivater: Your brother!!?
D.lord: Yea.... look we gonna stop him..
Alexander: I want to come... but help me 1 thing.
Ivater: What thing?
Alexander: My soul... at volcano...
Ivater: Taht's our next destination..
Alexander: Will you all help me?
wolf: We will...
Alexander: Thanks.
Las: don't thanks so early... better hurry.
Vevater: Yea....
 Received Dark lord
 At volcano
Ivater: Gorgon!!?
Gorgos: Who want the soul must over my death body...
Alexander: This is my fight!
 Gorgos vs Alexander
Gorgos: Fire blast.
Alexander: Shooting star!!!
Gorgos: Reborn!
Gorgon: Fire!
Alexander: Drain of thirst!
Gorgos: Die!! Volcano eruption!!
Alexander: Rain Drance!
Gorgos: Damn..I'm too weak...Receive gorgos
Alexander: Yea, storm soul....Received Alexander
 At sandwalk
Ivater: Damn! Road crashed....
Sandman: Fate we and i will repair the road!
Ivater: come!!
 Sandman vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf/Las
Sandman: Sandwalk!
Ivater: Seasoning wave!!
Sandman: Haha!
Vevater: Pulse shot!
Sandman: earth storm!
Wolf: Blade slash!
Sandman: die!! Sand Storm!!
Ivater/Vevater/Wolf: What the...Fainted
 Las: You should kill me...Omislash!!
Sandman: You wish shall command....Received Sandman
Ivater: Urgh... Thanks...
 At Tornado
Pandaroma: Only wind will kill you all...
Age: urgh....
Ivater: Pandaroma....
Pandaroma: You are...
Ivater: Ivater!
Vevater: Vevater.
Wolf: Wolf...
Las: Las.
Pandaroma: Die!
 Pandaroma vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf/Las
Wolf: Ivater.
Ivater: Yeah?
Wolf: Let me solo this wind...
Ivater: Your wish shall I command.
Wolf: Come! 1 on 1!
Pandaroma: Hmm.. ok!
Wolf: Urgh!
Pandaroma: Wind walk!
Wolf: Old Trick!
Pandaroma: Backstab!
Wolf: not pain!
Pandaroma: But this will! Tornado Slash!
Wolf: urgh...
Pandaroma: Die!
 Wolf: You face the wrong man! Double Mask....
Pandaroma: Look you're right...received pandaroma
Wolf: Damn....
Irinde: He seriously injured..
Ivater: How?
Irinde: We wait you at bridge of light...
Ivater: Ok.
 At Maxwell house
Ivater: I afair we will die here...
 Maxwell: sure you do!
 Maxwell vs Ivater/Vevater
 Maxwell: Blazing wave!
 Las: Omislash!
 Maxwell: Undoom of death!!
 Other: Damn....
 Wolf: Double mask!
 Las: Wolf!
 Wolf: I'm Fully healed...
 Maxwell: Hate intruder!
 Veavter: Sure you do! Life Doom!!!
 Ivater: Hasta' La' Vista'Force...Aura!!
 Maxwell: Looks I lose...Received maxwell
 Asanis: So you all here!!
 Ivater: We end it here!
 Asanis YEA!!
 Asanis vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf/Las
 Ivater: Force aura!
 Vevater: Life doom!
 Wolf: Double mask!
 Las: Omislash!!
 Asanis: Is that all? Doom Ray!! EX-SURVIVOR!!!
 Vevater/Wolf: damn...
 Ivater/Las: Hey boy... lets end this fast!! Summon all GF!!
 Asanis: What??
 Dark lord!
 Asanis: You!!
 Douda: Damn!!!
 Asanis: Giant sword!
 Douda: I'm back~~~ disappear
End of CSI Enemy Force III ~Teasure Hunting Season II~

This is Stevie B's song-When I Dream About You