Vlad: Hahaha!! I have the divine rapier! Now no one can KILL ME!!!
Next time
Vevater: Wake up guys...
Ivater: Ah...
Vevater: Hey! WAKE UP LA!!
Vevater: Ivater Chiller!!! PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!
Ivater: Why I must wake up damn early...
At CSI Lab
While Ivater Typing
Agent A: Agent I.C.
Ivater: Who are you??
Agent A: My name is Ace. Call me A. I'm a spy.
Ivater: Ok A. What did you come for?
Agent A: Vlad. He has the divine rapier. He gonna captures all the hostages in a hotel cann B.D. Hotel.
Ivater: So you want me to kill him??
Agent: Take this. Lazer gun, map, card, Nightvision/secret Glass, Dragon Dagger and parashoot.
  At B.D. Hotel
Ivater: Come to sleep...
Agent A:[Pay attention]
Victor: I saw Vlad. Advance??
Agent A: Act as a hostage.
Vlad: Hehe...
Hostages: Ahhh!!
Victor: He got the divine rapier.
Agent A: What the.... he got the divine rapier?!!
Victor: Yea...
Agent A: You had to find the anti-divine rapier.
Victor: So i gonna escape??
Agent A: Yea.
Victor: I gonna go to toilet.
Vlad: My followers will follow you.
Victor: No need.
Wlad: What the...
Victor: Damnit..
Vlad: Attack!!
Guns sound
Victor: Huuh!
Glass break
Para shoot activated  
Vlad: Damn!!!
Victor: Hehe...
Vlad: you will get your lesson!!
Victor: Phew...
Wolf: Hey we got some unfinished business.
Victor: Sorry guys. Gas grenade activated
Wlf: Damn...
Ila: Ivater...you gonna explain this...
Vevater: Damn you brother...
At waterfall
Victor: Hmm...there's no secret cave...
Agent A: Use your secret glass.
Victor: Ohh....
Agent A: Get vivality booster.
Coradon: Hmm, your death shall i served!
Victor: Lazy to fight you.
Coradon: Aura wave!
Victor: Rock tome! Huuh.
Coradon: Hmm...hehehe....DEMON RISE!!!
Stalker: Someone summon me!?
Avernae: Work for the Kelish.
Victor: See who win! Summon Doom Portal!!!
Stalker/Avernae: Urgh...
Coradon: Here is your vivality booster.
Victor: Haiz...
At CSI Plane
Vevater: You had no way to run guy....
Ivater: Looks i must tell ya....
Ila: What's going on?
Ivater: Vlad...

Wolf: Vlad Kerran!?
Ivater: Yea. He escaped and steal the divine rapier.
Wolf: Damn we must stop him!
Ivater: I wanna get the anti divine rapier.
Wolf: We help you....
Las: But...my dagger....
Ivater: Nah...
Las: What the.... how you get this dagger?
Ivater: A present from someone.
Reach at Leo House
Ivater: Incoming!
Ila: what the.....
Ivater: GUYS!! JUMP!
Ivater: That was close.
Other: Ivater!!
Ivater: Damn!

Reach at Leo House
Ivater: Agent A...What the hell he didn't take the call.
Enemy: Introder!
Ivater: Bye.
Enemy: Urgh....
Ivater: Lazer
Enemy: Urgh.
Wolf: Thanks Ivater.
Ivater: Friend mah...
i rease smoke gas..
Smoke gas release
Enemy: *cough...
Other: Ivater!
Ivater: Let's go underground...
Ila: Hey wait.
Ivater: Point booster.
Ila: Nice!
At underground
Robot-M: We meet again Ivater.
Ivater: M.
Robot-M: Easy. pass this 3 floors.
Ivater: Looks not hard...Huuh.   
Robot-M: Fire trap activated.
Ivater: Huuh. Easy.
Robot-M: Flame trap activated.
Ivater: Huuh: Not hard.
Robot-M: Type floor trap activater:
Ivater: Huuh...hyaa. Am i done?
Robot-M: Nah. Energy booster.
Ivater: Thanks.
At CSI Jet
Ivater: We gonna to space.
Wolf: But the jet isn't done.
Ivater: I've done it last week.
Las: Great...Hey where's Ila?
Ila:{help me!!}
Vlad:{ Give me the anti divine rapier or i kill her}
Ivater: Damnit!
Ivater: CSI Enemy Force.
Door: Door activate.
Wolf: wau... nice....
Ivater: We got no time....
At space level 1
Ivater: Battleship!!
Battleship: Come face me!
Las: I'll handle him!
Ivater; We count on you!
Las: You and me 1on 1.
Battleship: Come!!
Las: Twin slash!!
Battleship: Lazer!
Las: Miss!
Battleship: This miss?!
Las: What the.....
Battleship: Die!!
Las: You forgot something....

Battleship: What?!
Las: Hehe.... 
Las: Sorry guys....
Level 2
Viper: Huh... Noobie fighting me???
Wolf: Give me this!!
Ivater: Good luck!

Viper: 1 on 1?
Wolf: So?
Viper: 5 vs 1 better!

Wolf: Tornado fury!
Viper: Not bad.
Wolf: You say so.
Viper: Ultra shot!
Wolf: What the......

Viper: You think you will win??
Wolf: Huh....

Viper: What??!
Viper: Noooo.....

Wolf: Good...luck...g..uys.....
Level 3
Agent A: Hehe....
Ivater: You Traitor!!

Vevater: We handle this!
Ivater: I'll be back.
Agent A vs Vevater/Victor Shorn
Agent A: Tranform!!
Monster: Come!!!!!
Vevater: Water Exia!
Monster: Its that what you got??
V.Shorn: Aura shot!!!
Monster: Hehe....Flame Burst!

V.Shorn: Damn.... Vevater...
Vevater: You are dead..... 
Monster: What the....
Vevater/V.Shorn: Super Aura SHOT!!!
Monster: URGH..Noooo.....
Vevater: Damn...
V.Shorn: Urgh....
At BD Hotel
Ivater: Huuh!
Vlad: Hehe....
Ivater: Anti Divine!
Vlad: Transform!!!
Ila: BloodStone!
Ivater: Come!
Vlad: Dragon spear!
Ila: Cure!
Ivater: Blink slash.
Vlad: Not pain...
Ila: Recover!
Ivater: Sonic blade!!
Vlad: Divine Ultra!!
Other: Urgh....
Vlad: Die!!!!
Ivater: Hehe...
Vlad: What the.....
Ivater: Behind you..
Vlad: Damn....
Ivater: Dragon....Storm!!!
Vlad: Damnit!
Ivater: Let's save other!
Ila: OK.
At level hole
Ivater: Damnit!!
Ila: Never mind. Life all!
Other except Ivater: Urgh...
Ivater:Nice one..
Ila: Then for what I become a priest?
Everyone: Hahahaha....

End of CSI Enemy Force IX ~Back at treasure hunt~

This is Stevie B's song-When I Dream About You