CSI Enemy Force I

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Ivater: Sir, Everything is ready.
Asanis: OK, call them to the crime section.
Reach at crime section
Ivater: A team!
Vevater: My follower at east exit!
Ivater: OK! Team B!!
Wolf: My group is at west exit!
Ivater: Good! Shadow! Private Shadow!
Shadow: Here! With backup and medic team at entrance!
Ivater: Be ready! Team C, go go go!
Rogen: C'mon! GO!
Ivater: Too late! CSI, don't move!!!!!
Rogen: Followers, Attack!
Ivater: Team C, advance!
Guns sound
Rogen 2 follower: Sir, Help me!!!
Ivater: Two agent stay and watch this follower. Team B!
Vevater: Here! Rogen and 1 more follower escape to west, but we manage to catch three more followers.
Ivater: Team C!
Wolf: We saw Rogen. Troop! Launch attack!
Rogen: Damn!
Wolf: We caught Rogen.
Shadow: This is Private! We catch 1 follower.
Ivater: Good! Sent them to CSIPS.
Reach at CSI Police Station
Ivater: Sir, my job is done.
Asanis: OK, go take your meal.
At cafeteria
Ivater: Thanks for the help. If not i sure can't caught Rogen.
Wolf: Never mine.
Ivater: Enemy is now strong.
Shadow: You maybe be dead.
Ivater: WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!!
Vevater/Wolf: You are dead now.
Shadow: I'm sorry la.
Ivater: I kill you ah hahahahaha
Asanis:{Ivater, please come to my office now.}
At office
Ivater: What did you call me for?
Asanis: Sin has put a bomb in Matrix Shopping Centre
Ivater: My troop go it.
At Matrix Shooping Centre
Ivater: Block any damn thing in! And Call all the shit thing out!
Other: Right sir!
In Matrix Shopping Centre
Ivater: I'm Ivater Chiller from CSi police Station. Please immedialy leave this building. There a bomb in this building!
Everyone in building: AHHHHHHHHH!
Ivater: [Where is the damn shit bomb?!]
9 minutes 55 second later
Ivater: Funny bag. The bomb! {Damn, Everyone! DUcK!!}
Other: What the....
Vevater: Ivater! Where are you?! IVATER!!
Ivater: *cough I'm allright. Better out.
Vevater: Fast, it gonna collasp.
Ivater: Allright... Wait, Sin, block all exit!
Vevater: Right! Hear, BLOCKED ALL EXIT!
Other: Right sir!
Sin: What the hell you want?
Ivater: Surrender and your punishment will be lighted.
Sin: You idiot! I never set that bomb!
Ivater: Don't lie, moron!
Sin: The girl!
Girl: Help me!
Girl's mom: My daughter!!!
Ivater: Huuh!
Building collasp
Girl's mom: Thank you.
Ivater: My duty.
At office
Ivater: I'm sorry, building collasp, bomb explode, Sin escape...
Asanis: Don't worry, as long as nobody hurt.
At penthouse
Ivater: Sin don't admit that he put the bomb.
Vevater: Maybe he really didn't put the bomb.
Asanis:{Sin at tol, Advance}
At tol
Ivater: Sin, don't...move?
Vavater: Bomb!
Ivater: What the shit!
Wolf: It gonna explode!
Bomb been kicked by Ivater
Ivater: Two times....
Vevater: Iavter, Sin!!!
Sin: Nice day to ship.
A team: Come!
Boat moving
Ivater: A team, can you sent me to the back of Sin's boat?
Team A: I am boat master. Tell me whenever you ready.
Ivater: Now!
Team A: Nah!
Ivater: Huuh! Don't move Sin!
Sin: What the hell you want?
Ivater: Give it up! You put the bomb!
Sin: Stupid!
Ivater: Whoa!
Sin: Sorry...
Vevater: Ivater! Where are you!! Ivater!!!?
Ivater: Huuh...damn Gasping air
At office
Asanis: Go back and rest.
Ivater: Thank you sir.
At penthouse
Shadow: I think Sin don't put the bomb neither Matrix nor Tol.
You are right.
Vevater: Hmmmm. Nooo.
Ivater: The person must know we really trust the bomb is Sin put.
Wolf: For now, follow his order for awhile.
Asanis:{Head for Snowy Mountains!}
Ivater: Follow his order.
Reach at Snowy Mountains
Ivater: Ron!
Ron: Urgh...
Sin: Listen to me, not i kill....
Ivater: We believe you.
Rogen: Yes.
Vevater: Rogen!
Sin: Oron!
Ivater: You guys capture Rogen. While i kill Oron!
Oron: Confident enough.
Ivater: Come!
Oron: Fierce Sword.
Ivater: Fire! Sword!
Oron: You can't face me. You aren't tough enough.
Ivater: See!
Oron: Die! Earth Flame!
Ivater: Hasta' la' vista'! Entrenal Flame!
Oron: Nooooooooo!
Ivater: Ron, Don't die...
Reach at hospital
Doctor: I'm sorry, he has passed away. We tried hard we can.
Ivater: Damn!!
Vevater: Help! I at CSI police Station.
Reach at Police station
Ivater: So, from friend to foe.
Asanis: So?
Rogen: Urgh...
Sin: Admit it, you put the bomb at Matrix and tol.
Ivater: The old building, Matrix, Tol, Snowy mountain, NOW CSI POLICE STATION?!!!!!
Asanis: You think I like you?
Ivater: You are unforgivable.
Asanis: So?
Ivater: I have see enough of you face, NOW GET LOST FROM MY FACE!!
Asanis: ugh.
Ivater: ugh.
Asanis: Let dance babe.
Ivater: So?
Asanis: Arrow shot!
Ivater: Fierce sword!
Asanis: I'm wearing full armor.
Ivater: Full armor? Thanks Gabriel Logan. Follow me Punk!
Asanis: Running Chicken?
At rooftop
Asanis: Where are you?
Ivater: Hehehe.Flying Shot!!!!!Hasta' la' vista foe!
Asanis: Nooooooooo!
Drop from rooftop
Ivater: I'm sorry for Ron.
Sin: I can't follow you now. Goodbye
Ivater: So long.
After two years
Ivater: Goodbye csi.....
Vevater: What about a camp.
Ivater: Good idea.
~nd Of CSI Enemy Force 1 ~The Inocent


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