CSI Enemy Force II

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Victor: Meeting time.
Lucas What, Damn i late!
Taqif: Time has come.
At school field
Brian: We left 1 week to camp. Those who follow go refer to the notice board.
Victor: Ok.
Lucas: Umm.
Taqif: Yes.
Next day at canteen
Victor: You sure you want to go camp?
Lucas: Ohh.
Taqif: Yea.
Victor: Ok whisper
Lucas/Taqif: OK.
Camp time
Brian: Ok i check attendance. Victor.
Victor: Here.
Lucas: Yup!
Taqif: Yes.
Brian: Alex.
Alex: Yes
Ben: Ya.
Brian: Ok lets go.
On bus
Victor: I hope i bring this thing for reason.
Lucas: What are you talking?
Victor: Nothing...
At island
Brian: This is my partner, Shorn. He will tell you about the island.
Shorn: This is danger island...creeps running about.
Victor: Huh, creeps...interesting...
Shorn: here is our campsite...
Victor: Lucas, Taqif...
Lucas/Taqif: Yes?
Victor: Nah.
Lucas: Thanks.
Taqif: Friend...
Shorn: We are going for lunch at Treasure Village.
At Treasure Village
Shorn: There have a lot treasure at here...first we go eat...
Alex: Eat......
Ben: Haiz....
After Eating
Villager: In front of a stall...
Brian: Thanks.
H.O.V: Our duty.
Storm: My name is Storm.
In museum
Victor: Holy god...treasure....alot.....
Lucas: Hey, watch out!
Victor: whoa....ouch....press button huh, what is this????
Brian: This is a map. Your destination is here.....
Ben: Huh, soo, i should back...
Asanis: Stun!
Victor: Damn....
Asanis: I'm stronger haha!disappear
Victor: All-Esuna!All-cure!
Other: Thanks..
Victor: The island....
Outside treasure museum
Victor: Damn....
Slaskon: Kill them!
Victor: Attack!
GorgonX2 vs Victor/Lucas/Taqif
Victor: Magmun Break!
Lucas: Fire Shot!
GorgonX2 Terminated
Slaskon: Ahhh! My turn!
Slaskon vs Victor/Lucas/Taqif
Slaskon: Body Slam!
Victor: Wall!
Slaskon: Dire Slash!
Lucas: Shapanel!
Slaskon: Die! Hell Fire!!
Everyone: Urgh...
Taqif: Die! Rhikker!
Slaskon: NOOOOOOOReceived Ifrit
Victor: The map!
In museum
Asanis: Where is it!
H.O.V: I don't know... urgh....
Asanis: Useless...
Sin:Don't move! Ivater! The map... at the chair! Goooo!
Victor: Thanks Sin!
Asanis: Die!!!
Sin: Urgh........
Out treasure village
Victor: Phew....
Brian: Ivater?
Victor: Haiz..
Ivater: OK?
Vevater: -_-"?
Ivater: ... need snowy mountain
At Snowy mountainIvater: Take this!
Other Thanks...
Ivater: Climbing time!
When climbingHighger: I asumed your power, but, i will test your strength. Meet me in my temple.
Vevater: Test?
Wolf: What's he mean?
Ivater: Fight him...
Other: What the hell!!? He a GF...
Ivater: Try la....
In Temple
Hope you don't mind fight in my temple...now die!
Highger vs Ivater/Vevater/Wolf
Ivater: Storm blade!
Highger: Icy Storm!
Vevater: Pulse Shot!
Highger: Diamond dust!
Wolf: Blade dance!
Highger: Die Ivater! ICY SHOT!
Ivater: Urgh.........no........
Vevater: Ivater!! Damn you! Die!
Highger: I too weak...Received highger
Vevater: Without Ivater, what we gonna do?
???: You are sooo stupid....
~End Of CSI Enemy Force 2~


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