Year 2022
Ivater: Guys, I gonna change my job. I will head at Radiant.
Vevater: Where is Radiant?
Ivater: At Murrolque.
Ila: How long?
Ivater: 2 weeks. Vevater will take over my job for 2 weeks.
Vevater: Ok.
Other Bye.
Ivater: Bye.
At CSI Department
Vevater: I got a message that someone is distrubing in Federal.
Ila: Let's go.
Other: Right.
At Federal
Mogan: Where is him!?
Ila: Who are you?
Mogan: Huh. I'm Mogan!! 
Vevater: Then face us!
Mogan vs Vevater/Las/Wolf/Ila
Mogan: Giara!
Vevater: Exia!
Ila: Recover!
Wolf: Tunneling fang!
Las: Bladefury!
Mogan: You all are too weak...
Other: Urgh.....
Mogan: Haha!
Ila: Ivater...
At Radiant
Ivater: Got it!
In Hero job-changer
Hero master: what is your wish?
Ivater: I want to change my job.
Hero master: Huh...Ivater Chiller...CSI.
Ivater: So how?
Hero master: You can...but you have to take a test.
Ivater: I willing to take it!
Hero master: Step through the portal.
Ivater: Ok.
In portal
Ivater: Dark cave. Light Frisenry. Huh, this is a big cave.
Max: Who are you?
Ivater: Nobody!
Max: Then die!
Ivater: Come!
Max vs Ivater
Max: Dragon blash!
Ivater: not pain. Fury swift!
Max: Ready aim!
Ivater: Damn!
Max: Solar bean!
Ivater: Urgh..
Max: Hyper Bean!
Ivater: Seasoning wave!
Max: You need a bigger wave!
Ivater: You are dead! Mega Seasoning Wave!!
Max: Impossible.
Ivater: No one is match against me!
Hell King: Die!
Las: Viper strike!
Hell king: Huh, Death Blast!
Las: Damn...
Wolf: Tunneling Fang! 
Hell king: Sonic Dragon Fang!
Wolf: What the hell...
Vevater: Chakra!
Hell king: Raising Fire Strike!
Vevater: We no match...with him...
Ila: Damn..
Hell king: Fierce Crossblass!
Ila: Ivater....
Ivater: Ila! Guys!
Hell king: you're next!
Ivater: I wont forgive you!
Hell king: Hehe...
Ivater: Frisenry!
Hell king: You think that is pain??
Ivater Change
CSI Spirit: CSI Enemy Force!
Hell king:
Back at Hero master
Hero master: Well done...
Ivater: Who's that monster??
Hero master: That's is hell king. An undefeatable  King.
Ivater: Then..
Hero master: Only you can save the world.
Ivater: Really??
Hero Master: you are the CSI spirit.
Ivater: My job change?
Hero master: Yup.
At Mogan's under floor
Ila: Urgh..
Mogan: You awake.
Ila: Who are you??
Mogan: You wont believe.
Ila: Really?
Mogan: I'm your brother...
Ila: Guess you're right...i don't believe you.
Mogan: I know this will happen. But one day you will find out.
Ila: Really?
Mogan: you friend must die!
Ivater: Change damage!..Urgh....
Mogan: last you showed up.
Ivater: I'll show up to save my friends.
Mogan: Then kill me!
Mogan vs Ivater
Mogan: You no match against me!
Ivater: That's my line!
Mogan: So?
Ivater: Holy cross!
Mogan: Counter helix!
Ivater: Not pain!
Mogan: Battle hunger!
Ivater: Fire Cross!
Mogan: Urgh...
Ivater: Urgh...
Mogan: Stop your time to kill me....
Ivater: I will kill you! Gyaa!
Mogan: Huuh. No time to fight.
Ivater: Coward.
Ila: Ivater!
Ivater: Is anyone ok?
CHI: Urgh....
Other: CHI!
Out side Mogan secret house
Rexgon: Your CHI is weak...
Ivater: I will revenge for CHI!
Rexgon: you wanna fight me?? Wait me at time temple...Dissappear
Ivater CHI...
At Graveyard
Ivater: CHI...why you die...
Vevater: Damn...
Wolf: We must revenge.
Shadow: Ivater: You can kill him...
Ivater: Yea... he say come.
At time temple
Lift: you limit is 2 person.
Ivater: I'll go.
Ila: I'll follow.
Ivater: But...
Vevater: Let her go.
Las: She can cure you.
Ivater: Uh..hmm...ok.....but i want to tell you something when we kill Rexgon.
Ila: Me too.
Lift up
Ila: Looks we going to space.
Rexgon: Face me!
Rexgon vs Ivater/Ila
Rexgon: Viper Blade!
Ivater: Not pain! Tornado blink!
Ila: Recover! 
Rexgon: you got a cute company.
Ila: You are so Shit!
Rexgon: And fierce. Blade Slash!
Ivater: Dragon wave!
Ila: Rast Dash! 
Rexgon: Dragon Blash!
Other: Urgh...
Rexgon: Die!
Ivater/Ila: You mess the wrong person!
Rexgon: What the...
Ivater/Ila: You are dead. Critical Slash!
Rexgon: Damn.... 
Ivater: Damn...We can't go back.
Ila: Yea...
Ivater: Attuatly I got something to say...
Ila: Me too.
Ivater: All this time....
Ivater/Ila: I love you...
A CSI jet
Ivater: Hey that's my jet.
Vevater: Need a lift?
Ila: Sure.
Wolf: So how?
Ivater: He's dead.
Las: We heard it all...
Ila: So? Hear lol.
Ivater: Ya lo.
Everyone: Hahahaha
End of CSI Enemy Force VIII ~death of CHI~ 


This is Stevie B's song-When I Dream About You